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It has become clear from the responses that we have had to date that readers have different priorities when using GOTR. Therefore we have redesigned this page in an effort to make life a little easier for you all.  Downloadable pages are identified by page image - click on this image to open a pdf of the page. (Adobe Acrobat is required for this - if you have not got it installed, Get Adobe Acrobat Reader here.)

On this page you will find revisions relating to non-bootleg information only. 

This update was published 18th January 2011.    See page 292 below  for Dreamin' Man song source page

page 15 & 16 - apologies to Tom Mastin of Mastin & Brewer for spelling his name incorrectly.

page 18   page18   The Roosters supported Buffalo Springfield at The Cinnamon Cinder on June 26 & 27. 

page 24   page18   & page 31   page18   A mystery finally solved. The footage of Buffalo Springfield performing Rock and Roll Woman that appears in Journey Through The Past is from the Popendipity TV recording at the Warwick Theater in Providence, RI 28th September 1967.  The footage was always associated with the date 6th November. It now looks like this was a typo and should have been 16th November - the actual broadcast date.

page 27 - new Buffalo Springfield show advertised for March 22, 1968 at Capital High School, Boise, ID

page 31   page31   to include a new Buffalo Springfield set list and Archive Vol 1 reference.

page 36   page36    to include Sugar Mountain song sources and intros and Archive Vol 1 reference.

page 37 - March 11, 1969  add songs Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere & The Losing End

pages 43 - 46   page43    to include Archive Vol 1 references.

pages 53 & 54   page53    to include Archive Vol 1 references.

pages 58 - 60   page58    to include Archive Vol 1 references.

page 66   page66    to include Archive Vol 1 references.

pages 68 - 70   page68    to include Archive Vol 1 references.

page 75   page75    to include new set list.

page 85 -  There is every possibility that the show at The Warehouse in Providence, RI on 18th May, 1969 featured Dewey Martin as support. Local poster artist The Mad Peck prepared a small ad which appeared in a local paper Extra! that advertised the show as "2/5 of the old Buffalo Springfield" naming both Neil Young and Dewey Martin.

page 90 - first six songs Roxy 21st September 1973 confirmed

page 107    page107    revised to correct error in Chicago 27th August set list.

page 108    page108    revised to correct small error in references in Wembley show .

page 115    page115    additional song 3rd March 1976 and new bootleg references for 5th, 6th and 10th.

page 178        Lucky Thirteen reference error - Get Gone not I Got A Problem.

page 266    page266   extra details added re broadcasts of Amsterdam show in The Netherlands.

pages 292    page266   page for Dreamin' Man Live '92 song sources.

page 329    page329    The other support band on 20th June 1996  was Florian Ast & Florenstein.

pages 401  & 402    page401    revised town Nürburgring is in Nürburg not Nürnberg 18th May 2002. 

page 412    page412     revised text re songs and Crosby participation at Valley Music Festival 28th September 2003.

page 413    page413    the show on January 20 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN is missing from the itinerary. 

page 421    page421     revised set list and Crosby participation  at Valley Music Festival 28th September 2003.

pages 439 - 450    page439   to include Deja vu Live song sources 

new set list pages    2008-9   for shows to February 1st, 2009

new set list pages    2008-9   for shows April 6th, 2009 - October 25th, 2009

new set list pages    2008-9   for shows January 22nd, 2010 - December 15th, 2010

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